Finally updated website!

Welcome to my new website! After years of procrastinating, I decided to finally make something out of the hosting and domain I have instead of just a single launch page to my other social networks. Along with the low engagement that Instagram (or rather Facebook 😐), has pushed on us for the last few years, I watched a video from Roberto Blake on YouTube that pretty much pushed me to finally build out my site. He goes on to explain how you’re not really in control of your content if you just keep it on social media and the dangers if these companies decide to throttle or de-platform you. Not a great thing to experience especially if you run a business.

The funny thing is that I’ve always known this working in the industry, but because I was so caught up in the success of my Instagram page to where I was taking freelance jobs left and right while also balancing out my main career, the importance of having my own website to maintain fell beside the wayside. This stress also compounded to other factors of social media and COVID-19 lock downs led me to burn out at the end of 2020.

As far as this site goes, this really isn’t my professional portfolio, but rather an “image blog” alternative to those who no longer use Instagram/Facebook but want to see what I post there. I do have my more professional work preserved on another site but I only use it as an attachment if I am job hunting since it has personal information on there.

The other thing is that a lot of people contact me for wallpapers for their phone or desktop and instead of sending them to Facebook, they can come here!

While I am not quite satisfied with the overall design as this is a template I just modified over a weekend, I am happy that I do have something functional. I do have the skills of building a website from scratch but I just don’t have the time so this will do for now.

It is going to seem kind of odd there there are some posts dated before this one but they are mostly work I have for sale on, a website that sells wall art. I will be gradually adding the past work I post on social media along with extras making announcements on Instagram stories for those who want wallpapers.

Last of all, if you want to dive into making your own website and need a host, here is my Dreamhost affiliate link as well as an ExpressVPN link if you need some extra security.

Also if you are in need of some new threads, have 15% off on with promo code: 511RR15

2020 was a bad year, not just for me but for everyone, almost like a bad alpha release. 2021 is kind of a reset year into the new decade lets make the best of it! 😁