Cyberpunk R1

I logged onto Facebook for the first time in practically two months and was greeted with a bunch of notifications but one of them was this image. The actual model/rider, @arielleliptak, reposted it reminiscing how much this image has impacted her and pretty much broke her Instagram in 2018. Funny enough it also broke mines as it is my highest liked post at over 18,000 likes (which I probably will never reach get again due to the algorithm hating us). This image still gets reposted on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to this day.

My best post ever. This was a cyberpunk themed aesthetic which was cool and before 2077 made cyberpunk uncool. 😶

Since I’ve been all about making wallpapers of my past work as to having a reason for people to come to my website, I went back to the original file and optimized it for mobile so here are some wallpaper links:

Download for Mobile

Download for Desktop

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