Ink Style Riders

One of the styles I did back in 2015 was this ink style with riders. I was trying to go for some kind of sumi style asian painting but ended up failing in that regard but ended up with a cool effect anyways.

First time doing this ink style in 2015
This one was my favorite because of the dual riding and cornering!

I bought an iPad Pro in 2018 because Adobe flexed their Photoshop iPad app which was an instant buy for me but once it came out, Photoshop was a total disappointment. Even now, I feel it still isn’t up to par. Other apps like Affinity Photo and Procreate has a much better experience.

That timelapse feature….nice but shows all my mistakes!

With that said, for the 2015 versions I made, I used pre-made brush strokes and manipulated them in Photoshop to move into the motion of the rider. For the most part it worked but I could never replicate a real brush stroke in Photoshop (maybe because I suck at it?). In Procreate, it feels so much natural. The only reason I discovered this in 2021 is because I felt I needed to go back to the basics to improve some of my edits. While getting back into sketching and trying out a few brushes, a spark of inspiration hit me and wanted to see if could redo my 2015 edits and yes, it worked out perfectly! I wish I figured this out earlier though, oh wells. 😅

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