Joan Mir MotoGP Ink Style

More practicing with the iPad Pro and I think I am getting it down! Like I mentioned in the last post, I am getting back to the art basics again by sketching stuff for about 15-20 minutes a day. After that, if I am not bored or have to do any other tasks, I play around with some techniques.

I wasn’t satisfied with a lot of the brush strokes!

I experimented with another MotoGP rider and posted it as my first Reels on Instagram but didn’t put much effort in it so I didn’t post it on the main feed. This time I did and did it with the 2020 MotoGP winner, Joan Mir. Thanks at Suzuki Racing! Gotta give them credit for the original photo as it says on their site. Haha. 😅

Image Info:
Hardware: Apple iPad Pro
Editing Software: Affinity Photo, Procreate, Adobe Lightroom Ipad