On This Day 2-12-2019: CBR1000RR

I am going to try and start something on my website where I post an image from the past in which I posted on the same day on Instagram. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to repost my work here in some kind of orderly fashion.

At first, I thought maybe start from the beginning but sometimes it takes forever for me to scroll through my IG feed but there is a feature where Instagram shows what you posted on that day so you can post it as a story. I probably won’t do it for everything IG brings up but if it was a cool image, I’ll post it as a “On this Day” post. It might be a wallpaper-able but you may download it and try. If it is not, let me know. For example, this might work for your desktop but not so much for mobile.


I photographed this CBR1000RR on February 12, 2019. Not much to say about it but it coincides with a CBR1000RR I posted today on Instagram so it’s perfect first “On this Day” post!