On This Day 2-24-2017: Bikes Before Boys

The cover photo was not posted on this day on Instagram but was taken on the same day as the photo below. I decided to add both since I wanted to connect it to the DJI Drone shot I did that day which I conveniently made into a mobile wallpaper since it looked pretty cool due to the tire mark textures.

I was supposed to do a photoshoot with her and her husband’s bike in 2020 but because of the COVID19 lock downs, we didn’t have a chance. Also, both their Instagram names do not work anymore so I am not sure if they are even on the platform.


The only drone photo I am proud of as this is my only successful one that I will share. I should do more with my drone but we’ll see.


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Image Info:
Camera: Nikon D750 & DJI Mavic Pro
Lens: Nikon 50mm ƒ1.4
Settings: ƒ4.0 | 1/400s | ISO100 (ground shot)
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop