Franco Morbidelli MotoGP Ink Style

I did the MotoGP Joan Mir Ink Style edit a few weeks ago as a test run using a new medium on the iPad Pro of a style I did a few years ago. I wanted to do more but I got caught up in those moto face wallpapers and taking a few photography jobs. I had some time so I made a few more. This is of Franco Morbidelli for Petronas Yamaha SRT.

Making these are a bit of relaxing time for me as I don’t have my PC on and I am listening to a podcast while making them. Seeing random ink strokes as well as trying to be “artistic” is therapeutic so yea, look more them in the future since its a nice stress reliever.

Image Info:
Hardware: Apple iPad Pro
Editing Software: Affinity Photo, Procreate, Adobe Lightroom Ipad