POV Motorcycle Photography: Candace’s Suzuki GSXR600

My first POV Photography video on YouTube with Raiden 75’s Suzuki GSXR600 using my new GoPro Hero 9. Trying to see if this becomes a regular behind the scenes thing and will try to improve on them. Check out this post to see the finals!

Holy crap, I can’t believe I did the photoshoot, edited the those photos, edited the video then did all the writing for it in a day. It was like an 8 hour work day! I don’t think I am doing that again.

Big thanks to Candace for dealing with my awkwardness during this first trial run of POV Photography vids!

Thanks to Ride Rich for providing the threads! Ladies, if you want that crop top, check it out here. Get 15% off with 511RR15 at checkout.