Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions I get on social media. If there is specific question here that wasn’t answered, please contact me.

Q: Can you make an edit of my photo?
A: It depends on my schedule. I do tend to get busy with my day job and other projects which local and commercial/brand clients usually take precedence. When I am free to take individual editing jobs, I usually announce it on Instagram or any of my social media sites. *I also require the photography to be very high quality/resolution. RAW files are even better.

Q: What is your rate?
It depends on project type. I used to have an flat hourly rate but I quickly learned that not all project types are the same so charging something like $20 an hour for a photoshoot with retouching job does not equate to a job that has photo manipulation with 3d rendering.

Q: Can I get a high resolution photo of _______?
A: If you are using it for your desktop/mobile wallpaper then most of the images on this site can be used for a wallpaper if noted on the post. If there is a post that doesn’t have a wallpaper link, please let me know to see if I can update it. If you plan to make a print or use it commercially, please see next question below.

Q: Can I print your images or use them for my promotion, advertisement, product, etc.?
A: Depends on which image. Please contact me for details. Also please also see copyright info below on images with brands in them.

Q: Do you work with sponsors or do partnerships with brands?
A: Yes I do but it depends on industry. If there is a way I can help your brand with my audience, please contact me and let’s work together!

Q: What Apps/Camera do you use?
A: For camera, I use a Sony A7RIII and for apps, I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Q: Do you make YouTube tutorials?
A: No. I honestly am not confidant enough to make them and there are much better tutorial YouTubers out there. I do however make POV Photography videos on YouTube as a way to get a bit more confidant behind the camera which may lead to me making tutorials.

Q: Can I re-post your images on my social media accounts?
A: Please do but please credit me as well!

Q: Can you take photos of my wedding, baby, significant other, etc?
A: Sorry no, I don’t do that kind of photography. I usually stick to auto/moto, product placement, lifestyle and marketing type stuff.

Copyright Disclaimer

TL:DR; You may use my images for private or commentary/fair use purposes but not use them for profit without my permission.

All original art, fan art, photography, and information contained on this website may be copyrighted by 5e11even.com, and may not be duplicated, copied, modified or adapted for commercial use in any way without written permission from me or the brand/trademark owner.

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If there are any issues, please contact me and I will resolve or remove the art work or photography.